Wednesday, 10 November 2010

New Course Under Development - Java EE 6

Everything has been a little quiet at Virtual Pair Programmers since the release of Spring-MVC - but I'm back in the recording studio for the next two months, working on our next major release.

This time around we're looking at the standard Java Enterprise libraries, in "Java EE 6".

It's early stages still, I'm working on the course outline and deciding what should be covered. I also need to decide on the course environment - I'll be sticking with Eclipse almost certainly, but the application server needs some thought. We'll definitely have Glassfish in there, but we could possibly also include JBoss. This would need some work so drop me a line if you think this would be useful.

The draft outline - which will definitely change - is looking like:

1: Writing an EJB Session Bean
2: JNDI and Calling Remote Session Beans
3: More on Session Beans: CDI, Timer Services
4: Sending and Receiving Messages using JMS
5: Message Driven Beans
6: The Java Persistence API: Mapping Classes
7: JPA2: Modelling the Domain Model
8: JPA2: Queries using JPQL
9: The JPA2 Criteria API
10: JPA in a Managed Environment: the PersistenceContext
11: Declarative Transactions and Security
12: Webservices and REST

It's looking like a very long course - 10 hours plus so I'd better get back to writing it!