Wednesday, 22 February 2012

New Course - Messaging with JMS and MDB

One topic missing from last year's JavaEE course was JMS (the Java Messaging Service). The reason we omitted this was that we felt that JMS needs special treatment. It's quite a deep library, and a single chapter or two would not have been enough.

We discovered that we needed a full 10 chapters (and around 5 hours) to really cover JMS properly, so we've made it a full course in its own right - and it's finally released today!

It was hard work - and amazingly this course took longer to record than the full JavaEE course!

For full details, see the course page at the site. There is a full preview on the page, and if you just need a quick overview of JMS, the preview should be enough for you.

From today, the course will be available as part of a bundle along with the JavaEE course, and everyone who has already bought JavaEE will be contacted today with a course discount. If you've bought JavaEE and don't hear from us, send us a mail via the contact link on the site.

The topics covered are:

  • Introduction
  • Introducing Messaging
  • Receiving Messages
  • Tuning Message Sending
  • Transactions and Batching
  • Sending Messages on the Server
  • Message Driven Beans
  • Handling Problems
  • Message Redelivery
  • Course Summary

As always, full code is provided. Here's an extract from the first full chapter:

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