Friday, 14 February 2014

New "Spring Advanced" course on the way

I'm now starting work on a course that I promised ages ago, but other things got in the way (JavaEE, JMS, Hibernate, etc, etc!)

This is going to be a course that goes beyond the fundamentals of Spring and goes into detail on some of the more advanced uses of Spring.

I'm still marking out the outline and working on the scripts, but at the moment the ideas are:
  • Spring Security (both for standalone and MVC applications)
  • Spring Remoting - RMI, Hessian, Burlap and HttpInvoker
  • SOAP Webservices in Spring (including contract first with Spring-WS)
  • REST (possibly including Spring-HATEOAS)
  • Spring Messaging (withApache ActiveMQ)
  • Java Management Extensions - JMX
  • JavaEE Services - Scheduling with Quartz and Email
  • Spring Data (hopefully covering MongoDB and Neo4j, maybe even Hadoop)
Spring Data is the chapter I'm most excited about as it will give us our first "toe in the water" with Big Data and NoSQL.

There is a possibility I might cover bigger topics such as Spring Batch, Spring Integration, Spring DM or Spring Roo but I'm not going to promise any of these just yet as each of them could fill an entire course. Certainly I won't be doing them all!

Recording will begin shortly, as usual it will take twice as long as I expect so I won't give a release date just yet. However, before then there will be a minor update to the existing Spring Fundamentals course to bring it up to date with Spring 4. This will be released early March and will be a free upgrade to everyone who has already bought that course. It will be a very minor upgrade as the changes between versions 2/3/4 are extremely slight (in terms of the fundamentals).

Progress updates to follow!


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  2. good day, there is support for this course in Spanish or at least subtitled in Spanish or something, thank you very much

  3. I just finished the Spring Framework Second Edition. It was excellent. Any updates on the Spring Advanced Course?

  4. Hi Henser, I'm sorry I missed your comment earlier. We currently have no subtitling or similar, this is something we want to do in the future but no plans at present - sorry about that.

  5. Hi Jonathan, I'm recording right now. It's a long old haul, I wish we could be quicker - but we want to get it right! I'm still going to keep quiet about release dates because I always miss deadlines, but within 6 months definitely (probably) (maybe) (perhaps).

  6. Hi Richard. Your courses are excellent and very relevant to real work. I wanted to ask whether it is advisable to wait for this course or go ahead with the existing Spring Fundamentals Second Edition course. I am a java middleware developer with no Spring background and want to eagerly learn it for my next job.

  7. Oh definitely go ahead with the existing Spring Fundamentals course - the advanced course will just build on top of that. Advanced is going to be quite a bit later in the year yet, still a lot to do!

  8. Great. I just finished your Java Web Development course and loved it. I have taken classes on Udacity and Coursera, but the homework bit bores me. And they are very "college" oriented. Your lectures are way more easier to follow, and precise. I will enroll in the Spring Fundamentals class next. Also want to do Grails next but only see a Groovy class on here.

  9. Just finished your Java Web Development course - great stuff! Looking forward to taking the standard spring class and then the newest one! Please let us know when it's ready and keep up the great work!

  10. Hi Raymond - it's "sort of" ready now - we realised after starting that it was going to be too big for one course, so we're releasing as a series of advanced courses. We've got Webservices and Remoting on sale now, and we're about to start work on Spring Security. Not sure what will be third, possibly Spring Integration. See my post here: