Wednesday, 30 June 2010

An Experiment in Transcribing our Courses

One thing we've considered for a long while at Virtual Pair Programmers is to transcribe our courses - ie to produce a word-for-word text version of the course.

As an experiment, we've transcribed our Spring 3 Upgrade course, the shortest of our courses to date.

You can see the full transcript here.

Now, we don't expect that the transcript will read very well - it is a word-for-word copy of my spoken an English, and as such doesn't have the same "flow" as the words in a blog post would have. But we hope that if English isn't your first language and you need a little help in understanding the course, the transcriptions will be ideal for you.

The next obvious step is to embed the transcription into a subtitled version of the course - we're on to that and I'll let you know when this has been done.

In the meantime, do let us know if you think this service is valuable. It does take a lot of intense effort to do, and we'd like to know if it is worth doing the 14 hours of the Spring course!


  1. Yes! I cant tell you how many times I have gone back video by video. But if I could search for say ClassPathXmlApplicationContext then it would be far faster.

  2. It was two years ago now that we experimented with a transcript for Spring 3 Upgrade, we then sort of drifted away from the idea. It's definitely worth looking at again, although transcription services find words like ClassPathXmlApplicationContext difficult to transcribe!

    Thanks for giving us a heads up on this.