Sunday, 15 August 2010

SpringMVC - rumours of its release are greatly exaggerated!

Well, it seems to be taking as long as The Princess and the Cobbler (31 years in the making), but the Spring-MVC course is finally on the last lap.

The first recordings for this course were laid down in February this year, but oddly for what is a relatively straightforward subject, we've had to work very hard to get the course both comprehensive enough to be useful and yet clear enough to be understandable.

The reason for this last delay is that the WebFlow section, which I originally envisaged would be a quick "get up and running" overview, has turned into a pretty deep exploration. Although we can't cover everything, I'm confident that by the end of the 3 WebFlow chapters, you'll be able to work through 90% of use cases with the topics we cover.

Anyway, I can't give a definite release date - it WILL be this week, but the course has some considerable work to be done by the post-production people.

Announcement on the blog as soon as it's out! I hope it will be worth the wait...


  1. Hi Richard

    Have been waiting for this course so I'm pleased it's going to be available very soon. Is there any news on pricing yet?

    Also can you confirm please whether this is Spring 2.5 or Spring 3?

    I've been through the Spring Framework Fundamentals and the Spring 3 Upgrade courses from your website - is there anything else that you would recomend as a prerequisite?


  2. Hi Matt,

    Great - very nearly there! Pricing will be announced as soon as the course is released.

    It's Spring 3, the Spring 2.x controllers have been deprecated so we had to make the course look forward rather than back! We will be discussing the deprecated controllers in a short chapter near the end of the course.

    If you've been through the Spring course, you'll be good to go for this one- some web knowledge will be useful (JSP and Servlets), so you might want to check out the Java Web Development course (

    I hope the course is worth the wait!