Thursday, 11 December 2014

Spring Advanced: Remoting and Webservices now Available!

It's been far too long since my last post - I've been so busy recording the next course!

At last, it's now available from Virtual Pair Programmers

Originally I planned a single "Spring Advanced" course: I found this is impossible as there is so much to cover. Remoting on its own easily filled 20 hours of video training!

I know our customers are very keen on Spring Security so that will be the next module, I'll be starting work on that in January.

I think most will be interested in the REST section, so I made sure that's the biggest part of the course.

  • The running order is: 
  • Introduction Part 1: Traditional Remoting - Overview 
  • RMI on the Client 
  • Alternatives to RMI - Hessian, Burlap and HttpInvoker 
  • RMI Practical 
  • Part 2: SOAP Webservices 
  • Spring and SOAP 
  • Spring SOAP Clients 
  • Deploying SOAP to Tomcat 
  • Introducing Spring-WS 
  • Spring-WS and JAXB 
  • More Spring-WS 
  • SOAP Practical 
  • Part 3: REST Warmup 
  • Introducing REST 
  • Representations and URIs 
  • Content Negotiation 
  • Error Handling 
  • Client Side Errors 
  • Collections and Ranges 
  • Full HTTP Operations 
  • Editing Conflicts (optional) 
  • Partial Updates with PATCH (optional) 
  • More HATEOAS 
  • Validation 
  • Practical Session 
  • Course Summary 

As always, you'll be programming all the way through, and full code is provided. It's a big course, even so I didn't have room for three further topics, so the following will all be covered here on the blog starting next month:

  • The HTTP OPTIONS Verb 
  • Creating your own HttpMessageCoverter (we'll be doing a YAML content-type) 
  • Spring-Data REST (this is for CRUD applications so I didn't feel it fit with the tone of the course. But it could be useful to some).

I hope you'll enjoy the course, stay tuned for these extra topics.

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